Why don't you sell your delectable sweets year-round?

Soda fountain from a candy shop

Soda fountain from a candy shop

Great question! You might think it quite strange that we aren't open year round. Well, we have a few reasons we aren't. 

  1. Candy has been seasonal for centuries! Because of candy's sensitivity to heat and humidity, candy makers have long been seasonal in nature, primarily producing in the cool fall, winter and spring months. When sugar became more accessible, candy shops would transition to soda fountains, serving up refreshingly sweet drinks to satisfy the thirst of their summer customers. While we don't have a soda fountain, we are busy with other things in the summer... keep reading!
  2. We are market farmers by summer and candy makers by winter! When we're not making candy, we're busy growing flowers, veggies and herbs for market in Omaha, Nebraska. Plus, there's so much delicious fruit (we call it Nature's Candy) that we could hardly compete. For more info about our farm, visit our Little Mountain Farm website: link here!
  3. Our favorite candy holidays are between October and March! That's Halloween, winter holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, and St. Nicks, New Years, Valentine's, and Easter. 

So wait, you're farmers that make candy?

Candy Kitchen, Knott's Berry Farm, circa 1957  Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Candy Kitchen, Knott's Berry Farm, circa 1957
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Yes, it's true. It might seem like we're having an identity crisis, slinging veggies one month and candy the next, be we would like to take this moment to remind you that every great recipe starts with GREAT ingredients. And those great ingredients start with amazing farmers!

At Snowshoe Candy Co., while we can't source all of our ingredients locally from farmers (though we'd like to!) we do our best to source whole ingredients, the kind you can pronounce, from the best sources. That means creamy yellow butter from an Iowa family-farm, fresh fruits from local farmers and specialty ingredients direct from the source. Some of the ingredients that aren't available direct from the source, we buy with intention; like non-GMO corn syrup and sugar. It takes time and often costs more, but as farmers, we believe in supporting other farmers even when we're making candy.

And if you're like us and live in a place with winter, you know it's pretty hard to maintain your garden through the freezing December months. Our candy company works compatibly with our farm business for a year-round income. So your supporting a lot of farmers with your purchases through Snowshoe Candy Co.! 

Why are you called Snowshoe Candy Co.?

Young Ali with snowshoes in Wisconsin!

Young Ali with snowshoes in Wisconsin!

This is one of our favorite questions because it's so fun to talk about. When I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, winter was a magical time of exploration and wonder. Snowshoes are such a great way to explore, and you don't have to be quite as coordinated as you do with skis or a snowboard. You can forge through deep snow and through narrow passes of trees. It's one of my fondest memories of my childhood in Wisconsin.

My goal at Snowshoe Candy Co. is to make winter a little warmer by crafting simple, intentional sweets. They're often made with traditional recipes and intend to invoke some nostalgia from your childhood. If we're doing that for you, then we've succeeded! Be sure to let us know how we're doing. Send us a note, an idea, a story! We'd love to hear how we can make winter a little more magical for you and your family!