Welcome to Our Seasonal Candy Shop!

Snowshoe Candy Co. is a seasonal candy business that operates from late fall through early spring. Open seasonally, we are happy to share our handmade treats to make your winter (and holiday season) warmer. Since 2013, we have been making our treats from scratch with wholesome ingredients, locally sourced when possible (see our ingredients map for more!). Each year, we have grown our operation and so are grateful to the many customers who make our work possible. 

New this year, we are working with a few local candy makers to feature what they do best! You’ll find their products à la carte in the shop and featured alongside Snowshoe Candy Co. caramels in a variety of gift boxes closer to the holidays. We’ve made sure to select businesses that use simple ingredients and all of the items featured are made without artificial ingredients, flavors or colors. Click here to read more about each partner business!