Unwrapped Campaign

A special thanks to Cox Communications and Troy, Mack and Tess, for creating this lovely promotional video! 

From the 25th of September to the 25th of October, 2017, we hosted a crowdfunding campaign (via www.iFundWomen.com) to raise $15k to invest in a candy wrapping machine.  We’re strong believers in the power of community, which is why we are chose this method of  community-powered funding! We’ve only grown this far because our community believed it could.

Thank you to all who have contributed to make this dream a reality!

A special thank you to Cox Communications; with their funding this spring from the Get Started Pitch Competition, we were able to invest in a larger batch candy cooker and with their team, we produced our campaign video. Thank you to our corporate sponsors, Agape Red and Slate Architecture, who each contributed $2500 to make our campaign a success. Thank you to Ted & Wally's Ice Cream, who are contributing all sales from quarts of their delicious ice cream from the month of October to our campaign! Thank you to Bomb De Fleur and EarthenJoy, for hosting giveaways to boost excitement during the campaign! 

And a HUGE thank you to the Snowshoe Squad - a team of amazing individuals who have supported Snowshoe Candy Co. throughout the years, and who helped me spread the word, make connections and meet our funding goal: 
Abby Massey (Wee Vintage + Sleepy Tribe), Amy Brown (Edible Omaha + Slate Architecture), Chad Lebo (Cure Cooking), Chris Dyas (TD2), Chuck Page, Colin and Jessica Duggan (Kitchen Table), Joy O'Conner (EarthenJoy), Kathleen Hammack (Thinking Smaller), Kelly Waples, Lea Stone, Jeff and Gloria Jensen, Jen Miller (Miller Dohrmann Farm), Jillian Edmonds (Scratch Baking Co.), Katherine Gillespie (The Green House), Phyllis Ogden (Bomb de Fleur), Summer Miller (New Prairie Kitchen), Tim Maides (Benson Soap Mill), and Vera Petersen (Bench)

With gratitude,
Ali Clark Yahnke
owner + candy maker


This list of backers is both humbling and inspiring! It includes family, friends, neighbors, and friends I haven’t even met yet. It’s a testament to the power of community. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to invest in our wrapping machine, made possible by these fine folks. Thank you!

Stephanie Ahlschwede, Kate Anderson, Vince Asta, Tara Bantam, Patrick Barron, Kirsten & Michael Beattie, Cheryl Beattie, Conor & Emily Berigan, Lori Blessner, Mara Brandli, Kaitlyn Bright, Emily Brocker, Amy Brown, Denise Burke, Martin Butts, Karen Cahn, Sarah Carlson-Brown, Sandra Carmichael, Tami Catron, Kelley Cavanagh, Shelley Chermak, Brad & Sujata Clark, Scott Clark, Jessica Clark, Kathleen Connor, Elizabeth Conrath, Renee Cornett, Derek Courtney, Heather Craig, Nancy Crews, Susan Curtis, Myrtle & Cypress, Anna Deal, Russel & Rene Dempsey, Hannah Dempsey, Drew Dietle, Roxanne & Mark Draper, Timothy Duggan, Jessica Duggan, Liza Durkin, Ellen Duysen, Christine Dyas, Carrie Eidsness, Jane Erickson, Gary Fehr, Janna Feldman, Liz Ferguson, Mirra Fine, Pam Font-Gabel, Chris Foster, Katina Foster, Jayme Fowler, Ariel Fried, Angela Garbacz, Shannon Gennardo, Alex & Asit Goswami, Jason & Mallory Gray, Mary Green, Megan Griffiths, Debbie Gum, Sonja Haag, Ellana Haakenstad, Linda Hall, Jeremy Hall, Kathleen Hammack, Erin Harnetiaux, Scott Harrison, Abby Heithoff, Glynnis Hokenson, Carley Hunzeker, Cassie Jacobs, Gloria Jensen, Bailey Jensen, Christopher Jeske, Sarah Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Stacey Joyce, Candace Kalasky, Mary Killian, Heather Kita, Kristin Knisley, Mikail & Taylor Kraft, Allison Kuklis, Andrea Lawse, Kristi Lee, Casey Lembke, James Lemieux, Kim Loeffler, Diana Loots-Gams, Dianne Lozier, Jenniffer Mackey, Timothy Maides, Brooke Masek, Julia Mason, Jeana Matcha, Amy Mather, Courtney Mattern, Cecilia Mauri, Brenna McCrary, Katherine McGhee, Kayla Meyer, Summer Miller Widhalm, Lynn Mills, Jessica Mills, Dee Minturn, Jessica Mizaur, Jessica Mogis, Amber Mohr, James Moline, Jeffrey Moran, Charlotte Murtishaw, Brenda Nickol, Amy Niles, Mitch Nohner, Denise O’Brien, Sharon & George Oamek, Robert Odum, Phyllis Ogden, Angel1 One, Isaac Ortega, Anna Padilla, Jill Patrick, Elisabeth Percival, Eliza Perry, Vera Petersen, Alice Pierce, Sheri Pinegar, John Porter, William Powers, Lisa Purcell, Amy Radding, Carol Radke, Jared Rankin, Linda Rehfeldt, Paige Reitz, Angie Remington, Peggy Rhoades, Carrie Rice, Caitlan Rodgers, Colleen Ross, Anna Russell, Amanda Schienebeck, Marcia Shanahan, Christina Shanno-Baldwin, Adam Sherrerd, Victor Soto, Megan Sperry, Bridget St Peter, Lea Stone, Lauren Stoxen, Alicia Styka, Brian Suerth, Dana & Joseph Sullivan, Daniel Susman, Lori Tatreau, Hilary Taylor, Sheryl Teslow, Barbara Tibbetts, Stephanie Toumanoff, Lisa Turner, Jennay Vacek-Kief, Vicki Veazey-Morris, Diane Voit, Laura von Roenn, Ashley Vonck, Rachel Wagner, Kelly Waples, Gabi Webster, Laura Weiss, Matt Wettengel, Eric Williams, Scott Williams, Kay Wilwerding, Pam & Layne Yahnke, Paul Yahnke, Kimberley Yahnke, Mike Ziegler, Susan Zullich


Corporate Sponsors

Backed at $2500+ 


Let the Wrapping Begin!

In Spring of 2018, we were fortunate enough to find a wrapping machine! We used the funds raised to buy a 1900s K Kiss Wrapping Machine, which we are now integrating into our operation.